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"Better Leaders for a Better World" [1] 



History of hopes, embodied by a school


In the matter of leadership education... Across the centuries an uncountable number of people, 'common' and renowned ones alike, and around the world, fostered an important hope : that emerging leaders be educated in an uninfluenced or independent environment propitious to preserving and strengthening the integrity of each learning leader. Those hopes, and expectations; in other words humanity's hopes of leadership, were to form the first foundational cornerstone of the THIERRY school as a genuine freestanding institution that became the embodiment of the ancient, contemporary, and future hopes. Never before in the history of mankind had a leadership school been created by the acknowledgement, expression, and embedding of that timeless legacy of hopes. 


History also teaches us that one single person can indeed challenge the habits, conventions, and state of being of a community, an organisation, or an entire society. When that same person has the courage to undertake what had never been done before, by initiating something entirely new, while inspiring others, and to the right avail or good purpose, that is no less than a leader in action. The process of challenging the status quo and of creating an educational context based on the legacy of hopes paradigm, constituted the second cornerstone in shaping the untouchable learning environment the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership came to represent. By that very unique journey-into-life our leadership school differentiated itself from any other around the world.


The school, and on learning how to lead


Founded by Jean-Pierre Bal, and in the millennium-bridging year 2000, the school fosters an ambitious yet peaceful mission of educating  Better Leaders for a Better World,  and nowadays walks on the humble path of training leaders one by one. Many years of research preceded the moment of the school's establishment in Belgium. From the start our programmes proved to be innovating ones, for example by means of the multidisciplinary base-concepts of the curricula, the leadership courses and contents aimed at local or intercontinental audiences, and the student-centred course delivery modes. Private tutorship, the most classical ('ancient') and still very effective form of preparing future leaders, is also offered at our school.


The THIERRY way of how to learn leadership, in essence: how to lead better, is progressive, and harmonised with one's personal and professional life. By grooming leaders one by one we focus on each person individually. Our course participants gradually develop a second to none expertise in the art of being a more effective leader. The wealth of knowledge found in the realm of leadership and change is embedded in our practice-oriented programmes. By its specific learning and development dynamic the THIERRY way also supports the ability of how to think and evolve beyond the habitual boundaries of one's work, career, and life, and to develop a one-to-team-to-one interaction called esprit de corps. Our approach supports the personal wisdom and style of our graduates: to be a better leader  and  a better follower.

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[1] The school's Better Leaders for a Better World motto was introduced in the year 2000 (school's inception). The motto is since shared with INSIL (2010>) and also in user at i2LN (2014>). 




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