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 INSTALS - INSIL THIERRY Alumni in Leadership Studies



Notice in relation to the alumni of The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership


1. The staff members of potential employers of our graduates, or of executive search firms, or of fact-finding organisations who wish to verify when a person graduated and from which programme, are invited to contact the INSIL president's office in writing. INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership is the custodian of all of the THIERRY graduate records. It is brought to the general attention that third-party organisations and websites that provide names or listings of alumni, are not approved by the school, nor are the contents of such websites verified or endorsed by our institution (exception: the INSTALS Group on LinkedIn.com, see paragraph 3. further below). 


2. Conforming with its privacy protection policy our institution does not publicise on its own initiative, nor make available in other ways the names of its alumni, nor of the currently enrolled students. The only  exception allowed is for programme-alumni who might be adjunct faculty members at THIERRY or at INSIL, or at another institution cooperating with the latter (through the CLEAR-CREAL) and/or who are members of the INSTALS on Linkedin group .


3. Membership verification in the INSTALS Alumni Group is monitored by the INSIL president's office. The same applies to the INSTALS websites on Linkedin.com, for which the online membership presence remains optional INSTALS Main Group on Linkedin. Alumni of the Summer Residence Programs, and of Special Residencies courses offered at THIERRY (as of 2003) or INSIL (as of 2013), can join the INSTALS Special and Summer Residencies sub-group. The Sub-group members are listed in the Main Group as well. THIERRY-INSIL Residencies Subgroup on LinkedIn 


A graduate from another institution where a THIERRY-programme is/was offered through an institutional partnership, can join the INSTALS Group on the condition that the graduate completed at least five course-units of a THIERRY-curriculum offered at his/her alma mater, to there graduate on completion of an entire curriculum. 


4. To obtain and maintain the alumna/alumnus status, a THIERRY-programme graduate is expected to meet three conditions combined: (1) of having successfully completed his/her curriculum; (2) of having earned the pertaining certificate, diploma, or degree (the latter having been conferred/awarded by the education authority supervising the institution or affiliate); and (3) of not having relinquished, renounced, or rejected his/her individual rights nor the responsibilities that are inherent to the state of being a graduate. 


5. It can occur that alumni of the school colloquially refer to THIERRY as their alma mater. Therewith the full programme-completion at our school is being referred to, while the diploma/degree awarded in accordance with the process explained in the institutional information section of our website. 


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