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Main email address: coordination@thierryschool.be  Your email will be channelled to the appropriate person or unit. 


If you intend to apply for admission into the masters or PhD programmes offered at INSIL France, then please append your CV to your email (send to info@insil.fr)   


Special notice: all requests for application for admission are processed exclusively by INSIL-THIERRY. The school and institute do not use the services that are offered by student-recruitment agencies or similar educational intermediaries around the world. 


For administrative management matters  directorate@thierryschool.be




THIERRY info-desk, in Belgium:    +32 8 649 94 94      (local: 086 49 94 94)




Skype teleconferences are on appointment only (to be requested by email). 



LOCATIONS   (note: some courses can be offered at other sites than those listed below)  


in BELGIUM    The THIERRY Graduate School for Leadership

The THIERRY eco-campus House hosts the DR Leadership bespoke programs and the Recherche Leudance Research units, the INSIL- THIERRY library, and some special in-residence courses.


Location: south-eastern Belgium (Ardennes, prov. Lux.).  

travel guidance      ext. link: map region at large


Visitors can also be welcomed at the legal seat of the school's management body (in the city of Liège), or at an  ancillary location in the centre of Brussels. 


For security reasons visits and meetings are held on appointment only

in FRANCE    International Higher Institute for Leadership INSIL

INSIL organises and supervises all of the academic aspects and admissions for the THIERRY post-graduate programs leading to a diploma/degree, and manages the CLEAR-CREAL centre for leadership resources.

INSIL website 


INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership

Institut Superieur International de Leadership 

Administration Office, at 33 rue Dubois Crancé, 

08000 Charleville - Mezieres, France


Phone: +33 3 24 52 67 98 (locally: 03 24 52 67 98)

ext. link: on a map (city-region overview)

In France, at Charleville-Mezieres. The  INSIL Administration Office is at 700 m. from the Place Ducale shown above. *

* until Dec. 2015: 1bis Rue de l'Eglise  

i2LN    symbolically based on the entire planet Earth

The Environmental Leadership masters and PhD programs are embodied by  i2LN - The Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature, a virtual joint-venture of THIERRY and INSIL.    

i2NL website 

for HAITI      INSIL-THIERRY for Haiti partnership

For the THIERRY-programs that are offered by INSIL for participants in Haiti (Leadership Programs for Haiti) 

INSIL-THIERRY for Haiti website





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