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(the information found below was updated in: OCTOBER 2021)


1. For the specialty (bespoke) programmes. When the Personalized (tailor-made) programme is structured in a curricular format, and with a minimum of 90 ECTS total course-credits, the pertaining and exclusive Special Diploma in Leadership is awarded by THIERRY proper, upon the successful completion of all course requirements and on recommendation of the school's Faculty. In accordance with the THIERRY-INSIL academic aegis system THIERRY can award its Special diploma in its own right, yet with a supervisory council approval (a process phrased in Latin as: 'de suo iure promovendi, non sine superiore consilio').


2. For the conventional curriculum-programmes (until 2020-2021, ultimate Graduating Class of 2022). On completing the curriculum of the DAL or PALS diploma-programme, the graduate can complete at INSIL the supplemental course requirements towards the accredited degree (MA, or PhD). Since the year 2010 the degree-completion phase takes place at INSIL. Degrees are awarded by virtue of an officially recognized and government-approved intercollegiate charter. The authorised faculty and jury members express the recommendation that a programme-graduate be awarded the degree, by the authority vested with the powers to confer degrees, and in accordance with the pertaining provisions, and inter-institutional agreement. In case of a co-tutelage there is a special protocol procedure with the other institution of higher education or university. The master's or doctoral degrees are thus -not- conferred by THIERRY. Graduates before September 2008: another charter regulation system was then in force.


3. Transcripts of graduate student record. The transcripts of student record (with course titles, credits, grades,...) are issued only by INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership. Since 2010 INSIL is the custodian of all student-records until 2020-2021, including for the graduates who completed their curricula at THIERRY before the year 2009.


4. Alumni communications. It can occur that an alumnus/alumna colloquially refers to THIERRY as his/her alma mater, being the institution they attended, or hold the degree from, whilst it is the programme-completion at our school that he/she is referring to (the degree proper having been awarded in accordance with the pre-2009, or the post-2009 process explained above). Further, may claim to be an INSIL-THIERRY graduate, the person who meets three conditions combined: firstly, of his/her having successfully completed an entire THIERRY-curriculum. Secondly, of his/her having earned the certificate, diploma, or degree pertaining to the programme attended. And thirdly, of his/her not having relinquished, renounced, or rejected the individual rights and responsibilities inherent to graduation, nor thereafter.  


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