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Even if scientific advancement is a major resource in order to achieve technological superiority, and even if the most favorable performance environment is present - as in an ocean-race with sailing ships made of the most sophisticated high-tech materials and equipped with the latest navigational gear - the key parameter is and remains the human one. The captain, the helmsman or woman, and all crewmembers alike, are expected to navigate with a common aim or goal, if not in a shared leadership mode. 


At DR Leadership the human factor in leadership is expressed as "a unique flow, composed of a person's intellectual agility and interpersonal sync, plus operational dexterity; along with the deeper current : the quality of the person's vision and character" [1]  That confluence of abilities is expressed in the DR designation, from Latin, the Duo Rivi: two streams due to converge into one. "It represents a merger of past experience with new knowledge, becoming an enhanced flow of expertise, while continually interfacing with the connecting boundaries, in other words the broader environment factor in leadership". [1] 


In general any person can on his/her own acquire and hone competencies and skills, and in ways highlighting individual talents, learning preferences, seas of experience, and many context-bound elements. Nonetheless, the fundamental or continued development is highly enriched when there is external educational input and support. Further, the outcome is of an unmatched effectiveness when the training is fully personalized. At DR Leadership it becomes a tailor-made journey, with bespoke guidance that includes the human and context factors in leadership development.  


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[1]  as phrased by Jean-Pierre Bal, senior expert and CEO guide at DR Leadership (2012). 



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