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When Nature inspires...


The THIERRY ecological or environmental campus, the eco-campus, came into being in 2010. It replaced the earlier project of having an urban campus in Brussels. Already in the summer of 2004 the idea of a countryside type of campus emerged, while aligning with the original Latin word 'campus' meaning meadow. The hills and forests and gardens and plains of very ancient centres of learning, for example Plato's academy in Ancient Greece, or the early type of universities that have existed in the mountainous areas of the Far East, were also sources of inspiration for the contemporary THIERRY campus, in Belgium. 


Situated in the north-eastern part of the Belgian Ardennes the THIERRY eco-campus undergoes gradual enhancements and energy consumption improvements that are part of the school's Year 2025 Vision implementation. Also known as the THIERRY HOUSE Outdoor Academy Ardennes , the eco-campus' garden and bicentennial mansion have been put at the school's disposal by special courtesy of its owners.  next page:  natural space           


 more photos       eco-campus also accessible to INSIL i2LN course attendees



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