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On creating a space: when 'Mother Nature' rules...


A set of particularities differentiate the THIERRY campus from other environment-friendly sites around the globe. The school's objectives extend far beyond the usual 'green management', waste recycling, or other environmental protection policies. At our eco-campus, the human-activity spaces are subordinate to the natural environment, not the environment to fit mankind. Preserving the site exposed to external influences takes place in ways that do -not- seclude it from its habitat at-large. 


Instead of being a designed park or greenery architecture, the 7,000 m2 campus grounds are truly part of their surrounding environment: the adjacent woods (850 hectares - 2,100 acres), and the village (90 inhabitants). The campus was thus "given" a biotope space while undergoing the influences of the natural ecosystem at large. Geography, climate, and temperature extremes also come into play, as  summer temperature can peak at 34° C, and winter at -19° C. At our campus the human factor is one of tending to the ecology, to the" natural balance of things". For example, the lawns are not from cultivated grass seeds but are the original pasture grasses, weeds,... and they are mowed as it they were greens. Endogenous plants are favoured, such as the yellow flag iris growing in small marshes on lime soil. The tree species include alder, elm, ash, beech, hornbeam, oak, and birch. On a specific parcel of the campus the soil is covered mostly with moss only. 


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