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The north-eastern Ardennes in Belgium: rich history


The THIERRY campus site is situated in a village of the Belgian Ardennes, in the north-eastern part that borders with the Famenne region. Nearby towns include Grandmenil and Manhay, where very fierce battles took place in the winter of 1944-45 (the WWII Battle of the Bulge), also the town of Erezée with its picturesque 1900s vicinal train track in the forest, the village of Wéris with its 4000-year-old megaliths, and somewhat further one finds Durbuy, a small city with medieval houses in narrow streets. 


With their embanked streams and rivulets, plateau moors, dense forests, icy slopes, and damp valleys, some parts of the region could have been an important natural barrier. Nonetheless, after the Stone Age tribes it were the Celt-Gallic, and then Germanic peoples that settled here. So did the Romans, Franks, and Normans. And later on the Spanish, French, Austrian, and Dutch. Many of those cultures left imprints: dolmens, stone-paved roads, castles, fortress ruins, and other legacies. Some twelve hundred years ago even emperor Charlemagne regularly travelled on horse through this "green lung" region of Belgium. Nowadays it can more easily be reached via Liege by high-speed trains from and to France, Germany, The Netherlands, and the greater Europe.


On environment, leadership, and Nature, for the future...


There are numerous leisure and outdoor sports opportunities nearby. Students of THIERRY and INSIL and seminar program participants, alumni, and visiting executives and faculty from around the world, are welcomed as true guests. All share a passion for leadership, and also express their hopes and concerns about the rapidly changing global and local life environments that are in sharp contrast with the revitalising and unchanging peacefulness of the THIERRY eco-campus.


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