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Please also read the "Recent Developments" paragraph on the intro page


Site's location


The school's eco-campus and House are nestled in a rural and forestry environment located in the south-eastern part of Belgium (45 km south of Liège, in an area forming the upper north-east limit of the Ardennes region of Wallonia). The Ecole des Malletiers premises and THIERRY House are situated on private grounds bordering the Bois du Pays and Mossaire forests that overlap the territories and woodlands of the Manhay, Erezee, and Durbuy municipalities. Find on Google


Visits and meetings


In view of privacy, security, sanitary, and environmental considerations, the site is not freely accessible to the public. The scheduling of an appointment should take place sufficient time in advance. > contact 


Reaching the House


The THIERRY House, and since 2020 Ecole des Malletiers campus can be reached in several ways.


· From Brussels city and the National airport, or from the Charleroi Brussels South airport, the travel time is approx. 1.5 hours by car. An excellent alternative is the commute by train to the Liège Guillemins station (and thereafter per the indications below).


· From the city of Liège railway station (the Guillemins station, also for international high-speed trains. The travel time towards the campus is 40 minutes, by car. Shuttle transport to the eco-campus is available (prior reservation required). Alternatively, at Liège-Guillemins there is a local (slow) train that winds along the very scenic Ourthe river, to reach the Bomal station (after 35 min.). The School's shuttle/car awaits there on appointment. The eco-campus is at 10 min. from the station, by car only. Please contact us for shuttle arrangements, and lodging requirements if needed. 


· From France, the high-speed trains from Paris to Brussels, and/or to Liège (Thalys and ICE). Another possibility is via Charleville-Mezieres, at 90 min from Paris by TGV high-speed train. To then take a trans-Ardennes sightseeing route, by car (car rental agencies nearby the Charleville railway station). The estimated travel time is 2.0 hours when driving through for example Bouillon, Saint Hubert, and La Roche, then possibly towards Spa after the eco-campus visit (feel free to contact us for travel and visit suggestions). 


· From/to Germany, the Cologne and Bonn cities and airport are at approx. 1.5 hours by car (alternatively, by train towards Aachen or Liège). The train transit also applies for the Düsseldorf airport connection. If visiting the Eifel region, a shuttle can be arranged at/to Düren. 


· From/to Holland, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, by train, or by car via the E25 motorway, coming from Maastricht NL via Liège, or otherwise from Luxembourg via Arlon (1 to 1.5 hrs travel time).





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