Enguerran's Odyssey is a collection of short stories about the life-travels or ongoing journeys  of two persons who meet leaders along their way, and who have become leaders in their own right. Launched in 2005, by Jean-Pierre Bal, the founder of The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership, the Odyssey includes findings he compiled during more than twenty years of personal study and research in leader practice and leadership development education. The Odyssey mirrors the life of leaders: it is a constant work-in-progress, in continuous learning, with its many travels into the meanders of the mind, the heart, the soul, and of our worlds-in-action.


Enguerran... What's in a name?  Enguerran, a fictitious character, is the beholder of a long-lost name, the origin of which dates back to the early Middle Ages. Although the odyssey bears only his name, Enguerran's female companion, Ermesind, brings in an equally important contribution. Both characters welcome and accompany their reader-learners into a leadership journey of a non-linear type, shifting back and forth through several millennia of civilisation and travelling in many parts of the world. Ermesind travels with her leader-learners, Enguerran with his, and vice-versa, if not travelling together. To the benefit of the journey companions - the students - our "heroes" allude to the "other" ways of learning how to learn, and how to lead. To know oneself and lead still better, that is one of the Odyssey's goals.


The Odyssey's style and format blend classical narration, or storytelling that stimulates implicit learning, with the explicit (direct) mode of knowledge-sharing used nowadays in education and training. Many fields are visited in the Odyssey's journeys: literature, history, philosophy, sociology, religion, science, strategy, psychology, education, the arts, nature, technology,... The interconnections coalesce, as a stream flowing through a vast landscape in which all of the aforementioned fields interweave with other elements, such as biographies,  interviews, and audio-visual resources. 


With the aim of widening the learner's cognitive horizon, and intuitive abilities, the Odyssey also features the imagination, creativity, growth, rejuvenation, and change processes that take place in the personal, interpersonal, and organisational dimensions. The true Art (or artistry) of leadership is sought to be mastered, by finding its  quintessence - each learning-leader's own quintessence. 


Enguerran's Odyssey is embedded in the Personal Development and Universal Knowledge components of the THIERRY master's and PhD curricula offered by the International Higher Institute for Leadership INSIL. .



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