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1. At The THIERRY Graduate School of Leadership (base Wallonia, Belgium)


The bespoke programmes for CEOs, at the DR Leadership educ. unit     

Number of DR-participants currently capped at max. 4 persons, one person at a time


For the exclusive tailor-made or bespoke programmes (aligning with the school's "one leader at a time" core-mission), only the most experienced (senior) faculty members are active in the private (individual) or team-based learning facilitation. The DR faculty experts have at least 10 years of senior-level leadership experience, plus 10 years in leadership training, coaching, and/or education, and also hold appropriate educational qualifications. For the CHRONOS Chief Executive Officer programmes the expertise of the DR faculty-member is of minimum 25 years, including CEO-level experience.  


2. At the INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership (France)


The MA & PhD programmes (distance learning).     

Enrolment of degree-programmes' students are currently capped at 25 per year


As of 2017 the course delivery for the THIERRY-sourced distance learning programmes is undertaken exclusively by the approved faculty at INSIL. For the online-based programmes the experiential component is of the highest importance. On completing the distance learning programme, an INSIL masters or PALS-PhD graduate can be invited to join the INSIL-THIERRY faculty, to (e-)coach students for the online course units. (see also footnote #1). For the online programmes most faculty members are appointed on a complementary basis on which they combine the faculty role with the major employment of theirs.  


Between 2012 and 2016 the course delivery for THIERRY-programmes took place in turns at INSIL and at THIERRY. The trans-national affiliation agreement includes the educational role of the faculty (up to 12 members) for both institutions. Previously, from 2003 to 2012, the course delivery of the THIERRY online-programmes was undertaken by and at THIERRY.


Further, through the CLEAR-CREAL projects faculty members can be active at other educational organisations around the world. At INSIL there is also an External Review Committee (ERC), constituting a panel of 3 to 4 persons chosen among the ERC's member intercollegiate faculty pool. 


3. The ELFA-team concept (until 2010)


At THIERRY the roles of its ELFA team members, the Experiential Learning Facilitation Advisors in leadership education and development, mirror those found aboard a sailing ship. Our school adopted the image of an environment-friendly vessel on board of which team-spirit or esprit de corps is essential. Year after year our international leader-ship carries its passenger students - the programme participants - towards their new horizons of thought, feeling and action. The nautical world also inspired the school in adopting the term Sail (since 2003, until 2010). For example, the "MainSail" and  "StaySail" title descriptions were used instead of the customary position names of tenured, senior, adjunct, or assistant faculty or lecturer. 


MainSail  - On a sailboat the mainsail (or topsail) uses the carrier-winds to provide the principal motion that propels the vessel forward, so to achieve a certain thrust, or speed. At our graduate school the senior faculty members hold the MainSail qualification for their lectureships, including (e-)coaching.


StaySail  - A staysail (or foresail, or jib) keeps the ship's motion finely tuned with the carrier winds, and on a precise course, while generating a slight boost of the cruising-speed. StaySail Faculty members share their knowledge and expertise in given courses or specialty areas. StaySails often are programme alumni of the graduate school or the institute. 


Fleet - The role of the Fleet members is somewhat external to the main vessel, less visible or immediate, but an important one. In general this role is linked to, on the one hand, the requirements set forth in the degree awarding procedures at various institutions, and on the other hand in providing logistical support in the frame of contingency situations' planning. Until 2009 the number of Fleet members at THIERRY averaged eight persons (accreditation surveyors not included), plus the external academic staff members who offered special  assistance, for instance as theses reviewers or jury members. Since 2010, in lieu of the "Fleet", there is the External Review Committee (ERC) at INSIL. 


At-Large ("across oceans")  From 2002 to 2009, and on special nomination award by THIERRY's founder, the school invited professors from other educational institutions to be At-Large faculty members. Since the year 2010, with the supervisory role of INSIL, and its ERC external review committee, the At-Large roles are discontinued.  


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[1] THIERRY and INSIL (the international higher institute for leadership in France) are associate institutions. The INSIL faculty members' course teaching roles and courses are on prior approval by the French higher education authority (re. Code de l'Education, the education laws of France). THIERRY retains its sovereign right of appointing its own faculty members, including for guest lectureships.




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