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The talent development of leaders towards the mastery in the art of leading, forms the main path and primary goal of the THIERRY learning approach. While fostering its genuinely universal roots, our graduate school has since the year 2000 continued to fulfill its worldwide, future-oriented, specialty role in leadership education and leader-development.  


Yet, by 2025 our leadership school will in effect have discreetly transformed itself into an entirely new shape, and introducing among others a new set of programs, therewith preparing a still more impressive accomplishment of its initial mission. More information about the transformation will be released at a later stage. 


Within the framework of the school's "Plan 2020-2025", the existing DR Leadership unit will meanwhile be the school's flagship. The unit is active since two decades in the design and delivery of made to measure top-level leadership development at CEO-level. Reportedly among the best in the world, but also the most trying ones, the DR Leadership bespoke programmes and coaching are tailored for one person-CEO at a time. > more


The THIERRY distance learning curricular-programmes that led to a post-graduate diploma or masters or PhD degree, are by the 2020-2025 plan intentionally phased out, albeit progressively, since 2020. The International Higher Institute for Leadership (INSIL), the THIERRY-affiliate established in France, supervises those curricula originally designed at THIERRY. Through the CLEAR-CREAL centre the programmes' courses are still made available to third party educational organisations > more at INSIL


In light of the global climate change challenges, the i2LN or Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature, pursued a specialist mission, as it embodies the programmes in Environmental Leadership. i2LN is a THIERRY-initiative, and with two symbolic locations: one is a macrocosm, the world, our entire planet Earth. The other, a microcosm, is the soil on the Peace Meadow of the THIERRY House campus where a decade ago a group of leadership students planted a young tree that became a beacon of the inescapable Nature-component in the practice of leadership. 


At Recherche Leudance Research (RLR), the THIERRY think-tank, the practice-oriented research in leadership, initiated in the early 1990s by the school's founder, continues its course while remaining anchored in the primal and unbiased, meaning, content, and scope of the terms leader, leading (to lead), and leadership, while encompassing practice-oriented and multidisciplinary realms. 


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