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Overview of the THIERRY Leadership Programmes



Programme categories


Since January 2017 the THIERRY leadership-programmes are organised into two main categories, and by two affiliate educational institutions, INSIL and THIERRY:


1. The bespoke programmes, and private courses, at THIERRY (in Belgium)


The school's DuoRivi DR Leadership unit is specialised in the design and delivery of the bespoke or entirely personalised (tailor-made) leadership development programmes, and with the option of earning an exclusive diploma. The DR Leadership unit also presents the RIDGE leadership endurance courses, and the flagship CHRONOS Chief Executive Leader Program  more


In the history of leader development the private tutorship mode of education is the most classical or 'ancient' one. The millennium-old mentoring method of one on one teaching and learning, is entirely part of the educational role of Jean-Pierre Bal, Senior Leadership Guide and Renaissance Professor of Leadership at THIERRY. Focusing on Talent Development and Deployment the special personalised course format includes for example true coaching, plus one-day seminars, or short-duration residencies, at the THIERRY eco-campus or at other locations. For further details please contact us.


2. The executive diploma and degree-programmes, at INSIL France


The specialist Masters (M.A.) programme in Environmental Leadership, called TERRA, is intended for persons who wish to focus on leadership for the environment ("green leadership"), in light of, for instance, climate change, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and environmental policy. The TERRA, launched in 2002, was the world's forerunner, announcing a major shift in leadership studies. The two to three-phases curriculum also includes personal competencies' development and team dynamics. The programmes, leading to a masters degree with a focus on environmental leadership, or to a doctorate (PhD) degree in that field, are embodied by i2LN, The Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature, a THIERRY-initiative, with programmes by and under the educational helm of INSIL.   masters program roots    i2LN  


The Doctoral (PhD) programme, offered since 2004, is formed by the postgraduate diploma curriculum in Advanced Leadership Studies (PALS) plus the PhD degree-path in Leadership. The twin programme is intended for experienced professionals who are or will be active in the fields of, mainly, leadership development and leader-education programmes, certain forms of entrepreneurship, and in the personal change processes (for instance in Talent Development), in relation to individual or organisational growth and societal improvement  in general. As of 2017 there is also a second path choice,  towards a PhD degree with a focus on Environmental Leadership  more


The Executive Diploma programme in Leadership (EDL) will, as of end-2017, replace the former mainstream ('generalist') M.A. programme. The Executive programme meets the developmental needs of junior and mid-level executives in many organisations. The curriculum can be completed in less than 18 months (part-time), and blends practice-oriented theory with the development of competencies, and leadership applied to day-to-day work (in leading). Further information about the EDL will be released in due course. 




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