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The Quintessence of the Organisational Mission, the Life Force, 

Code of Conduct, and Streams of The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership [1]  



To develop Better Leaders for a Better World [2]  is THIERRY's Mission.


Hope and Will are the key driving forces of THIERRY's Existence. 


Respect and Trust are the key values of THIERRY's Code of Conduct.


Attention and Empathy and Friendship and Love are the Streams

flowing through THIERRY's Mission, Existence and Code of Conduct.


All of the above is what the "People of THIERRY"[3] strive for. Always.



A leader is a person of character, and therefore

a leadership school is an institution of people of character.



"Cum Sapientia Semper Ducit", the Latin motto 

on the THIERRY emblem means: lead wisely [4]



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[1]  As released in 2000-2001. The statements (copyrighted) have been formulated by Jean-Pierre Bal, founder of the institution, and constitute a quintessence of the first phase of his thoughtful research during the 1990s (prior to the school's founding in the year 2000). 


[2] The school's Better Leaders for a Better World slogan was introduced in the year 2000, coinciding with the founding and launch of the institution. 


[3] The "People of THIERRY" are the programme participants (students), alumni, faculty members, trustees, and other supporters of the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership.


[4] Since 2010 the emblem is also used by our sister-institution in France, the INSIL international higher institute for leadership, and its internal units.




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