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    At the Heart of Western Europe, to Serve the World



Having grown steadfast, yet while retaining its "small is beautiful" and "eternal beginnings" type of appeal, our Belgium-based institution has become a highly respected international knowledge centre in leadership studies and expertise. The various THIERRY-programmes, offered either at THIERRY or at INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership of France, and in several course attendance modes, meet the needs of emerging and practising leaders who are active in many types of organisations, of project team leaders, and of leadership educators - learning facilitators - who are mainly active in leadership programs development and education, in Europe or around the world. The worldwide reach continues to extend through INSIL and its privileged partnerships, or the school's own Leudance research ventures.


At THIERRY the high-specialty activity has grown rapidly in recent years. It now constitutes its main activity field (through the DR Leadership unit), with the fully individualised and made to measure or bespoke programmes, for example the Chronos CEO programmes. 


In the area of distance learning our online leadership courses and degree-programmes have been welcomed by many, and continue to meet great success. Having been offered by THIERRY Online since 2002, the delivery of online curricula and courses had as of 2010 been undertaken conjointly by THIERRY and INSIL. Since 2017 INSIL manages the entire distance learning activity. Further, the school's Environmental Leadership masters programme (launched in 2002) is, since 2014, embodied by the very symbolic Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature i2LN, with the pertaining programmes and online courses being offered solely by INSIL.  


The Summer institutes, and special and regional residencies


The international Summer residence leadership program (previously known as the THIERRY SUMMIT), welcomed, since 2003, and hosted in Brussels or in Louvain-La-Neuve, its participants from around the world - a learning exchange immersed in a student-family type of atmosphere. Since 2013, and with the same spirit, the Summer residencies for the online-programmes are organised in France by INSIL and now take place in Charleville-Mezieres every three years on average. Alternatively, special individual residencies can also be held, and so do the regional residencies in, for example, Africa but contingent on a minimum number of attendees.


Past locations and current sites: a brief history


From the year 2000 onwards the school's Main offices were situated in Brussels, in the capital city's university and diplomatic districts. In the autumn 2009, on leaving the "160" building at Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, the institution relocated to the country's southern highlands called Ardennes which is the "greenest lung" of Belgium. The school's library, the DuoRivi DR Leadership unit, and the Leudance Research unit are also housed at the school's eco-campus THIERRY House located at 1.5 hours distance from Brussels. The "urban-to-green" campus relocation decision coincided with the then forthcoming 2010-2020 Next Decade plan, and also reflected the institution's wish of supporting socio-economic communities in rural settings. It further aims at establishing a closer connection with the natural environment, in the broadest possible sense, including an ongoing research project about the local impact assessment of climate change on forests, rivers, wildlife, flora, and on the human community in general. With its greenest location the school demonstrates its contribution in endeavouring to meet still lower energy consumption and carbon emission goals than it already had in the preceding decade.


Lovely Ardennes region: Leadership-and-Nature


The humble campus, nestled in a forestry area, is at the very centre of an environmental leadership education development project of our institution. Having been put at the disposal of the school by courtesy and special sponsorship of its private owners, the outdoors site highlights the inescapable reality of combining leadership plus natural environment. The campus also serves as a  meeting centre for alumni, guest faculty, inter-collegiate reunions, and short duration residencies for the school's specialty leadership courses. 


Other locations: France, Europe, and world


A number of THIERRY-programmes, curriculum components, or course modules can be offered at other European or worldwide locations via the CLEAR-CREAL platform for European, international, and intercollegiate cooperation, as well as some other forms of educational partnership. The CLEAR-CREAL is operated and supervised by the France-based sister-institution Institut Supérieur International de Leadership INSIL international higher institute for leadership. 


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