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Disclaimer and Copyright Notices



Liability Disclaimer


Every effort is undertaken by the institution to ensure that the information contained on its websites be accurate, complete, and consistent with the institutional mission and activities. The websites are works in progress, as they are being updated on a regular basis. The dates of the latest update releases are found at the end of the copyright bottom-line found on each web-page. 


Hypertext links that originate from third party websites, and that are pointing towards the institution's website, cannot be continuously detected or verified. The institution is not responsible for the information provided on those third party websites, nor does it endorse the contents of such sites. The institution accepts no liability whether direct or indirect for any loss or damage incurred by relying on information stored on the institution's or third party websites.  


Copyright Provisions


All rights pertaining to the institution's websites and their contents (including the texts, names, logos, blazon, motto, pictures, and related documents and materials), are, and with the exception of third party property used by courtesy of the respective owners, held by the institution.


The institution's websites and their contents are rights-protected. Reproduction or external storage is prohibited. Requests for permission to use or reproduce must be addressed beforehand, and include a clear statement of purpose. So called 'framing' or 'in-lining' of institutional pages into a third party website is not allowed. Copyright infringements will be prosecuted.  


Additional information


For inquiries and additional information in relation to the aforementioned disclaimer and copyright provisions, please contact us  and also if you wish to report the unlawful use of the institutional name and materials. The information will be forwarded to our legal representative. 




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