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The International and Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma Program in Leadership,

 and PhD Degree-phase thesis focusing on Leadership Education Entrepreneurship,  

or the Design and Implementation of Leadership Development Programs,

or on Environmental Leadership Initiatives in Sustainability

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Postgraduate Curriculum: the Twin Track


The postgraduate programme offered at INSIL focuses on the educational dimensions of leadership development or environmental leadership, and of related organisational change taking place in a variety of sectors, societal domains, and professions. The Twin Curriculum ('dual track') leads to a Postgraduate diploma in Advanced Leadership Studies (PALS, or PGD), and thereafter to a PhD degree. The twinning concept is rooted in the reality that prior to the successful completion of the doctoral research and thesis, a comprehensive knowledge-base needs to have been fully mastered. The PALS programme and its diploma are in fact equivalent to a masters in advanced studies (MAS) in leadership. Since the field of leadership studies has grown substantially in the past few decades, the factual demonstration of knowledge and practice by a leadership graduate has become of pivotal importance in the valuation of one's expertise. 


Career, study, and the Twin Curriculum framework.


In accordance with the programme objectives and the learning approach, it is expected that the professionally active course-participants make time available for their part-time studies. The framework of the Twin PALS + PhD curriculum is divided into Four Pillars (or course categories). The vortex postgraduate curriculum (first three pillars) is composed of twelve to fourteen course units, and ends with an Essay requirement constituting a final paper towards the PALS diploma. The essay is a comprehensive final examination encapsulating elements of the core-curriculum, and is somewhat similar to a master's thesis. On the basis of the pre-established vortex curriculum, each participant's programme can be enriched by adding extra sets of learning and developmental goals and their related supplemental tools and materials. While complying with the academic regulations and accreditation requirements, the entire curriculum endeavours to meet the evolving needs and expectations of each future graduate. 


The fourth pillar, the Field Project (FP), relates to the PhD-phase specifically. The precise components of the FP are co-defined by the doctoral participant (i.e. moving into candidacy) and endorsed by the (co-)mentor(s). The thesis (doctoral dissertation) is partly rooted in the field project, and can be seen as a form of entablature that overarches the four pillars.


The postgraduate curriculum can also be attended on a 'single track' basis, leading to the postgraduate diploma only. In that case the PhD phase could be undertaken at a later stage of one's career; i.e. when the subject and environment of the to-be-endorsed doctorate research and thesis will have been explored to the greatest possible extent. 


Ph.D. Field Project and focus  


Stemming from the successful entrepreneurial and most relevant pioneering track demonstrated  by THIERRY and INSIL during the past decade, plus the rising need for leaders around the world, the focus of the PhD-research phase and doctoral thesis can, at INSIL, only be in one of the two following fields: 


- Leadership education and development entrepreneurship, and/or the design and implementation of leadership development and training programmes or components thereof, including the concept of Leader Talent Development,


- Environmental Leadership Initiatives in Sustainability, including environmental leadership awareness and development (ELAD), comprising entrepreneurship that merges leadership development with any of the five fundamental 'LAWFS' tenets from the i2LN: Light, Air, Water, Food, and Shelter. 


In accordance with the institute's multidisciplinary approach, the environments of practical research can be in private, public, corporate, educational, community, or non-governmental organisations. In our institution's approach to the thesis preparation there are four main themes or focal areas that are of specific interest to the doctoral researcher. Those components precede the preparation of the thesis manuscript proper. 


Ideally the thesis would coincide with the doctoral candidate's entrepreneurial venture or intrapreneurial initiative, for instance the creation of a leadership training or development center or institute, or the transformation of an existing one, and/or in the design and implementation of innovative or original programmes for the development of leaders or in environmental leadership initiatives. The INSIL faculty provides focal guidance.


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