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The International and Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma Program in Leadership,

 and PhD Degree-phase thesis focusing on Leadership Education Entrepreneurship,  

or the Design and Implementation of Leadership Development Programs,

or on Environmental Leadership Initiatives in Sustainability

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Admission process - PALS + PhD program


  For information and guidance about the application process, the availability of places, the residence module,... contact INSIL.  Please include a CV or resume, and a brief statement explaining why you wish to undertake the postgraduate studies. Before doing so please read the information found below, so that you could establish by yourself whether you would qualify for admission. 


Application/admission criteria 


Apart from the set of application documents (a guideline will be povided), each postgraduate applicant has to meet a number of individual, professional, and educational requirements. The major ones are: 


the strong will or intrinsic drive (vocation, calling) of evolving towards a pivotal role in the field(s) of, mainly, human development, leadership education, environmental leadership, personal and/or organisational change. In a more general sense it ties in with the broader parameters of individual, organisational, community, or societal improvement or growth, and leadership development being the vortex thereof.


the firm statement of intent of establishing, at some point in the future (if not in the short or medium term), either a new leadership development center (school, institute, intra-organisational unit,...), or the transformation of an existing one (with the pertaining leadership and management roles); and/or, the design, implementation, delivery, and assessment of leadership development programmes, or on Environmental Leadership Initiatives.


  the demonstration of at least 10 years of relevant full-time professional experience, with a leadership component (i.e. experience in leading and/or education), and preferably after having obtained a masters degree.   


  the master's degree, from a recognised university or institution of higher education. In case the master's degree is in the discipline of study of leadership a number of course-waivers will then be granted in the PALS curriculum.


the harmonising of professional activity and personal life, with study. The programme requires self-defined timing for learning, in the asynchronous (self-paced) mode. Successful completion of the PALS programme is of high value for the PhD stage in which the intrinsic motivation of the candidate is deemed very important.  


One of the admission criteria is the factor of communication excellence, for instance a distinguished contribution during the prior master’s studies of the applicant (for example the quality of the master's thesis) or other significant demonstration of achievement during one's career or life in general. If that criterion of excellence is not entirely met, but other criteria are, then in certain cases the applicant could be invited to first complete the DAL + MA masters in leadership programme (including a master’s thesis), thus in passing towards the PALS and subsequent PhD-degree phase.




With the aim of meeting the person-centredness and quality objectives in our programmes the maximum number of places in the PALS programme at INSIL is capped at 12 participants [1]


next tuition fees


[1] Since January 2017. The total number of places available is the norm-capacity for the given programme. In general there are 8 to 10 participant-places taken at any point during the year, plus 2 to 4 places that remain available year-round for rolling basis admissions. 



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