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The International and Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma Program in Leadership,

 and PhD Degree-phase thesis focusing on Leadership Education Entrepreneurship,  

or the Design and Implementation of Leadership Development Programs,

or on Environmental Leadership Initiatives in Sustainability

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Duration (length) of the programme


The online courses of the THIERRY-sourced programme, and the educational guidance, are offered only by INSIL. The programme is generally attended on a part-time basis, combined with one's professional activity. The completion of all course requirements in the PALS postgraduate curriculum requires 2˝ to 4 years, in accordance with selected course delivery mode and one's study-pace. While INSIL supports the life long learning educational concept (with pertaining accumulation of course-credits over extended time-spans), it is however recommended that the entire PALS curriculum's coursework be completed in maximum 5 years. For the PhD phase (Pillar Four), 1˝ to 2˝  years are generally required in order to complete the research and thesis typescript. 


Programme attendance modes


Depending on the student's country of residence or work location, his/her personal preferences, and professional  commitments, the PALS postgraduate programme courses are offered in several modes of (e-)attendance, and their specific curriculum features. The following grid lists the possibilities:


Type and characteristics

Courses and study-pace

Attendance mode

Mode #1




Distance education, online with e-coaching, and with one or two residence modules. Mode is for international participants who reside around the world. The course guidance is offered via telecom/skype conferences, email, and examination feedback (e-mentoring).

With start-end dates of the courses defined beforehand, and, at least 4 course units have to be completed per year.


With a self-defined number of courses per year and self-paced completion timings (mode is called: Flexi-pace), but with completion targets agreed on a yearly basis.

Individual, self-paced, except Summer Residence (team-based) . 


Individual, self-paced, except Summer Residence (team-based) . 

Mode #2




Blended learning, combining in-classroom and distance learning  courses; face to face coaching and e-coaching, plus six residencies (of 2.5 to 3 days each, taking place on pre-agreed moments of the year). 

For persons in the European Union (if not Mode #1), or, for persons attending only given sets of courses (and also for transfer students). 



Individual. And either in small groups or individually for the residencies.

Mode #3




Joint-programmes and partner- institutions, in-classroom (residence), online, or blended learning. 

Via the CLEAR-CREAL Center for Leadership Education and Advancement Resources

Group or individual. Contingent on the local availability of faculty members. 


Valuing work experience


The interlacing of professional experience with formal coursework is a fully embedded pedagogical process in our programmes. The course-credits can thus only be earned by the successful completion of all of the courses' examinations and other requirements of the entire curriculum. The granting of credits by means of work-experience equivalency computation (also called work-experience 'valuation' or 'validation') is not possible at INSIL.  


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