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The International and Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma Program in Leadership,

 and PhD Degree-phase thesis focusing on Leadership Education Entrepreneurship,  

or the Design and Implementation of Leadership Development Programs,

or on Environmental Leadership Initiatives in Sustainability

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1. Tuition and related fees for the PALS programme (rates as of 2015-16, and into 2016-2017)


For the entire PALS programme, in distance learning, plus two short-duration residence modules, or one Summer residence, and with four course units to be completed per study-year (= Standard course mode option), the total fees amount to €  22.225.


The fees are allocated paid per study-year. The fees per year, in the 'Standard' option, and with a PALS curriculum completion in 3½ to 4 years (= part-time) are as follows: (note: possible financial aid grants have not been taken into account in the schedule shown below).


Year 1:  € 6.780  

Year 2:  € 6.292  (fees and lodging of 3-days Residence Module One included)  

Year 3:  € 3.680 

Year 4:  € 3.877 (fees and lodging of 3-days Residence Module Two included)  


In the case a flexible distance learning study-pace is preferred ('Flexi-pace' option, with a variable number of courses completed per year), and also with two residence modules, then the total fees for the PALS distance learning programme amount to € 28.187  


For the PALS programme offered in blended learning mode, which includes distance learning courses and six residence modules (150 in-person hours), the total fees amount to € 29.927. The blended programme version is offered only to participants residing in Europe or overseas, who have the opportunity of travelling to France twice a year, for three or four consecutive years (the duration of each of the residence modules is 2.5 days). 


The yearly amounts shown above are composed of various types of fees (fee category). For the Standard option the breakdown of fees is as follows:


Matriculation Fee (per academic year)

€    240

Tuition Fees (per course unit(  

€ 1.424  (Standard option, incl. Exam fees)

Course Material Fee (CMF) (per course unit) 

€    211

Residence Module Fees (includes CMF)

€ 1.147  (per module of 2.5 days)

Administrative fee for Praxis in Learning Facilitation 

€    170

Review of the Final Paper (PALS diploma)

€    855


The fees are not subject to future increases when the programme is completed within the agreed timelines.


The application fee due when applying for admission into the programme amounts to € 145.


Financial aid is available at INSIL, under the form of tuition reduction grants (the financial aid system is called TuitionBridge). 


2. Payment of fees (and deposit, first year)


A deposit, amounting to max. one third of the first year's fees, is due as soon as admission is confirmed (the minimum amount is € 1.500). The remainder of the first year's fees (i.e. after deduction of the deposit) is due two weeks before the start of the first course unit. 


3. Tuition fees for the PhD phase (after the PALS)


For the PALS-graduates who continue into Pillar Four, the specific tuition fees for the PhD stage at INSIL are waived for the PALS graduates who completed the Diploma programme Cum Laude (with Honours), and, who start the PhD-phase as soon as their PALS is completed. However, the yearly matriculation fee (€ 240) remains due each year (cannot be waived).  


If the PALS-graduate wishes to undertake the PhD-stage at some later point in time, and through INSIL, a fees' composite will then be due for the thesis research guidance, the manuscript review, and the viva. Those supplemental fees amount to € 5.634 (levels per 2016-2017, but subject to future years increases in accordance with the year of re-registration). The fees are due at the moment the student 's request for re-registration is accepted.


Other fees and costs, such as the possible co-mentorship by a second mentor for the research and the thesis, or the candidate's travel and lodging costs for the viva (oral defense of the thesis), are borne by the PhD candidate or his/her sponsor. 


4. Return on investment: endorsement of entrepreneurial ventures


INSIL actively endorses entrepreneurial ventures in leadership development initiated by its graduates. Through a specific cooperation process with the institution, and if a certain number of conditions are met,  the graduate can upon completion of his/her studies earn back tuition fees in a time-span that varies between 1.5 to 4 years.


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