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Present Activity and Related Information  



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In line with its pre-planned New Decade plan (2010-2020), and the yearly adjustment factors, our institution is, as of 2017, active in the following areas:


1. The design and delivery of tailor-made (bespoke) programmes for internationally or locally-based leaders and CEOs in Europe, and, the private tutoring courses facilitated by the senior staff; being centralized at the school's own dedicated DR Leadership unit. 


2. The practice-oriented research in leadership and its history. That activity takes place at the bilingual Recherche Leudance Research unit. Initiated in the early 1990s by the founder of the school, the advanced research is rooted in primal and unbiased meanings of the terms leader, leading (to lead), and leadership, and the related multidisciplinary realms.


3. The operational management of the THIERRY House eco-campus located in the Belgian Ardennes. The campus is a relatively small yet multi-purpose site that benefits the people of the school, and also the special guests of other institutions and organisations (CEOs, government, faculty,...)  


4. The course delivery and guidance, via the THIERRY ONLINE distance learning portal, for the THIERRY-students attending the post-graduate programmes by INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership of France. By 31 August 2017 that role will have been taken over entirely by INSIL itself.



by Jean-Pierre Bal (quoted in a 2001 press article), and from his introductory lecture at the UN Int. Leadership Institute (conference in 2002). Most recently in his "Leading, with Earth at Heart" letter for i2LN (2014). 



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