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The THIERRY Libraries




The school's traditional physical library is located at the eco-campus House, in the Belgian Ardennes region. There are many convenient reading and study corners and spaces, and the shared main room. Since a few years, and as they blend with the particular decors found in the House, the books are stored as if they were on bookracks that one would find onboard a sailing ship: in the captain's quarters, in ancillary cupboards, and along the gangways of the Leader-ship. Other leadership publications are stored in steamer-ship trunks that are part of the House's special collection of antique luggage and related travel equipment (trunks).  


The institutions' online library (e-library) contains numerous articles, essays, and study materials in the domain of leadership studies, development, education, practice, and in the closely related fields and areas of study. The resources are used in the programs and courses of The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership Belgium and are shared with the International Higher Institute for Leadership INSIL Institut Supérieur International de Leadership of France, and with the i2LN Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature. 


Of related interest, the Blue Marble_@_THIERRY leadership arts videos.




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