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Institutional, statutory, and accreditation information

(the information below was updated in MARCH 2017)


1. Institutional foundations and activity. The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership (short-name THIERRY), was established in Belgium in the millennium-bridging year 2000, as a private, independent, international, non-profit higher education institution, and with a theoretical enrolment capacity capped at 50 students per year. The school provides various programmes and courses, and also has a bilingual research unit, Recherche Leudance Research focusing on the study of components of leadership. 


2. Independent status (freestanding) A number of immutable particularities, for instance the school's freestanding, phrased in Latin as: 'liberum stantem scholam', the school's state of independence based on genuine historical grounds (> more), plus a unique code of conduct paradigm (> more), and in the domain of practice-oriented studies and millenary research in leadership, and then adding the concept of self-sustained functioning (i.e. without subsidies, endowments, or external pecuniary support other than the fees paid by the students), constitute a composite by which THIERRY is a truly unique institution (sui generis) and only one of its type in the world.  


To ascertain and further maintain the school's generis, an elaborate legal-academic structure was put into place, as explained in the next paragraphs.


2. Statutory provisions.  While being based in Wallonia (a region in French-speaking Belgium), our institution is an autonomously structured entity within a private not-for-profit educational management body, with its statutes officially registered in Belgium, and being governed by a board of trustees. There are no governmental, political, religious, sectarian, or other ties or connections whatsoever, nor are there intellectual or other forms or types of partisanship. 

3. Educational rights, role, and activity.  The school's right to organise and deliver education (in Latin: 'scholae ius docendi') is in accordance with Article 24 of the Belgian Constitution. The school is fully dedicated to its scholarly role; for instance the design of curricula, the delivery of courses, the transfer of knowledge, and the research activities. All processes take place in accordance with the graduate school's code of conduct, and a number of inter-institutional ordinances internationally.  


4. Assurance of continued independence. From the organisational functioning (or 'operational') point of view, the THIERRY freestanding or independence principle is guaranteed by means of twinned aegis: on the one hand by the board of trustees of THIERRY's management organisation (the 'first-layer custodian'), and on the other hand by the board of directors of INSIL's management body (the 'second-layer custodian').


5. Academic report, and supervision.  From the academic side, THIERRY is supervised since 2010 by its sister-institution INSIL Institut Supérieur International de Leadership of France. The INSIL international higher institute for leadership is fully licensed by the French Ministry of State for National Education, Higher Education, and Research, including for distance education. INSIL manages the cooperation with other institutions and organisations; the reporting to higher education authorities and partner universities; the appointment of faculty members; the degree accreditation process and validation compliance; and a number of administrative and programmatic processes.


6. Programmes and course delivery.  At THIERRY have been designed, improved, and provided, on the one hand, a series of programmes (meaning curricula, courses, and syllabi) that lead to a diploma/degree, and the related course delivery and curricular guidance. On the other hand one finds at THIERRY its bespoke leadership programmes' activity, being the design and delivery of tailor-made high-specialty programmes in leadership development. As of September 2017 all of the course delivery and guidance for the degree-bearing programmes will take place solely at INSIL, and for the bespoke diploma-programmes solely at THIERRY [1]


Continued: diploma awarding, and towards accredited degree


Further detailed and historical information about the school and the programmes, go to: extended


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[1] Footnote. Historically, from 2000 to 2012 all courses were offered by THIERRY. From Sept. 2012 onwards the course delivery of the MA and PhD curricula took place alternatively at THIERRY or INSIL, and, since October 2015, at THIERRY only, with the final degree-phases since 2010 at INSIL only. In the particular case of the special environmental leadership graduate programme ('TERRA') launched in 2002, it is since 2014 embodied by the i2LN Icare Institute for Leadership and Nature, a type of virtual platform co-hosted by THIERRY and INSIL conjointly. While since 2002 the TERRA course delivery took place only at THIERRY, as of September 2017 all of the course delivery and guidance for those environmental leadership programmes will take place solely at INSIL. 




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