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This section presents the chronology and other details about the creation and growth phases of the school, including its roots, founding, programmes and courses, and other past or current information. 


Part 1. The 1990s, the early beginnings


It was in 1991 that Jean-Pierre Bal designed and taught his first set of leadership courses, for a small group of MBA students, at an international business school in Paris of which he was also the dean (the city's youngest, at age 33). His leadership lectures bridged the fields of organisational behaviour, human resources management, and strategic management, to form one course subject. In the early 1990s the field of leadership education, in the sense of the fully fledged academic discipline of study and practice it became in the 2000s, was still in its starting blocks. Yet, the challenge of blending conceptual components with real practice by the learner, already proved to be a factor of primal importance for a most pragmatic approach to "classroom-taught" leadership education. In other words, in how to be a leader, and in leading. Prof. Bal then founded his own leadership development firm and institute, and merged his corporate experience, prior to his educational one, with his leader-roots (he was raised to become a leader). Deciphering the vast realm of leadership, and its timeless continuums, became and today still is a most habitual activity of his. 


In 1996, enacting his vision that thorough leadership development could for example already take place during college years rather than by means of executive seminars that one would attend later on in one's career, Jean-Pierre Bal produced the first blueprint of a radically new masters programme, with leadership as its vortex, and of a unique institutional platform to promote the programme (he had  dubbed it the 'projet De Vinci'). Another two and a half years lapsed, during which his professional work and personal life interlaced with the further stages of maturation of the programme's prototype, its course contents, and the institutional foundations. The unique curriculum that would become the school's masters in leadership programme, and the institution itself, took on their final shape in the course of the year 1999. The institution's core values, embedded in a unique code of conduct paradigm, interlaced with the school's world-oriented mission: educating better leaders for a better world. The school opened in the millennium-bridging year 2000.


   Part 2. The Year 2000, and its decade (not online, request Thierry e-Library access)


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