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The THIERRY Master in Leadership Curriculum


 for the Graduate Diploma in Applied Leadership Studies 

and the Master of Arts in Leadership Degree at INSIL


Programme's history (1990s>) 


The school's masters' curriculum in leadership is the result of extensive research undertaken throughout the 1990s by Jean-Pierre Bal, the founder of THIERRY, and designer of both the school and its programmes. It was in the year 2000 that the masters programme composed of a full curriculum with twelve course unit requirements, their contents and syllabi, was launched simultaneously with the opening of the school, and became the world's first graduate leadership curriculum that combined a multidisciplinary approach with cross-cultural dimensions and common values for an international audience. The masters curriculum also became the first one to be offered in distance learning by a Europe-based institution. The environmental leadership specialisation (then called EnviroLead, later on TERRA), launched online in 2002, became the world's first distance learning programme in that speciality field bridging leadership, environmental sciences, and education, and geared towards planetary sustainability. 


Institutional specializations (2010s>)


The courses for the online-based masters' degree-programme are offered solely by and at INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership. The French institute is a THIERRY-affiliate specialized in distance education and blended learning in the field of leadership studies specifically. The outsourcing process aligns with THIERRY's increasing specialization through its DR Leadership unit active in the design and delivery of tailor-made curricula, CEO and other top-level leaders' programmes, exclusive private courses, and advanced research projects. [1] 


Aims of the programme


Our leadership masters programme comprises a state-of-the-art curriculum that also includes tools for personal development and growth in leadership practice (in leading), as well as in other areas of leader development and learning. The curriculum encompasses a wide array of courses and subjects including practice-oriented topics in, for example, human behaviour, ethics, leader development, and cross-cultural leadership. Advanced courses are offered in the fields of organisational strategy and mastery of change. 


In all of the THIERRY-programmes the emphasis is on progressive learning and growth, ranging from increased self-awareness to optimal personal leadership; from team leadership competencies to organisational leadership development, and interweaved with the initiation, management and mastery of individual and of organisational change processes. Our curriculum meet the goals set forth in the institution's educational mission, the participants' individual objectives, and the academic requirements in general. The learning approach is person-centred, talent development oriented,  and multi-facetted. The programme can be attended in lieu of an MBA, or as a post-MBA one, master-after-masters, or pre-PhD. 


Programme modes and variants 


There are, at INSIL, and as of September 2017, two types of curricula: the generalist Executive Diploma in Leadership programme (abbrv. EDL, 60 ECTS, 7 course unit requirements), and, the Master of Arts in Leadership curriculum in the specialization field of Environmental Leadership (120 ECTS, 12 course unit requirements). 


The environmental leadership ‘TERRA’ programme is a unique "green" programme for persons who aim at being an effective, responsible, and environment-focused organisational leader or environmental leadership educator. Since mid-2014 the online distance learning programme is symbolically embodied by i2LN, Icare for Leadership and Nature, a THIERRY-initiative in association with and fully managed by INSIL International Higher Institute for Leadership 

The programmes can be completed at INSIL in online e-coached self-paced distance learning for students worldwide, and a blended learning version is also possible in an individualised mode for participants residing in Europe. The in-classroom part-time version of the masters programme is offered only in evening-sessions and daytime workshops, and if there are minimum 12 participants in a same cohort. 


A fully tailored programme can only be offered at THIERRY, via the DuoRivi DR Leadership unit. The personalized curricula of those leader-development programmes lead to a distinctive diploma of the school (not a masters degree).


PhD postgraduate program in leadership


There is also a postgraduate doctoral THIERRY-programme, offered only at INSIL. For the programmatic source-description please click here



[1]  Between 2010 and 2016, and in order to meet on the one hand the particular wishes of a number of masters' students, and on the other hand some faculty requirements, the course delivery had taken place in turns at THIERRY and at INSIL, with the final degree-phase at the latter only. As of 2017 all of the new students in the graduate masters and postgraduate programmes start and complete all of the curriculum requirements at INSIL. Students who already attended courses at THIERRY before 2017 will have transferred to INSIL by 31 August 2017.       




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