-- Amman (Jordan), 15 August 2002                                                                                       en français, cliquez ici

Professor Jean-Pierre Bal, the founding director of the Thierry Graduate School of Leadership, was invited as a guest lecturer at the "Leadership for the Environment and Human Security" curriculum offered by the international Leadership Academy of the United Nations University (UNULA) in Amman [1]. 

Addressing the expectations of the 26 participants from 22 nations, professor Bal faced a real challenge of presenting such comprehensive topics as "Foundations and Concepts of Leadership" and "Leadership for Tomorrow, Today: The Mastery of Change" in only two sessions of three hours each (held on 14 and 15 August).  On that occasion he started his presentation with his thought-provoking "Leaders should focus on the survival of the whole world, by transcending the drive for survival of the fittest" statement. [2] 

After the second session participants and faculty colleagues described their first impressions:  "a breakthrough in my perception"; "propelled straight into the core leadership realities"; "adventurous"; "confused at first, then a few minutes later came full clarity", and "a totally new horizon opening".  


Pictured at the right: Amman evening skyline at the UNULA Conference reception. On the foreground: Prof. Joanne B. Ciulla of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, in a conversation with Prof. Jean-Pierre Bal of The Thierry Graduate School of Leadership.


[1] UNULA became United Nations University International Leadership Institute. UNU-ILA, at University of Jordan

[2] Upd. 2014: and repeated once more in his "On Leading, with Earth at Heart"  letter for i2LN. 


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